Ivory Moon

Ivory Moon

Monday, February 02, 2015


Hello again 

Here is my Design Team make for Fernli Designs   

I wanted to make something I could keep up to display my granddaughters art 

I used the large Artist Palette which is only £0.95p 

What a bargain !!!!     I painted it with white gesso first then used the Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk paint ... then used a splodge stamp I have with a variety of different colour inks and the butterfly stamp is from Visible Image and is called Butterfly Inkognito ... I LOVE this stamp ....  I also used some alphabet letters  and at only 10p each are perfect for making ANY project personal .......  the last thing to do was to decorate 2 pegs and glue them onto the palette and add some bling .

Here is a link to my YOUTUBE video  ...

I would love to know what you think 

Thanks for stopping by 
Tina xxx

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hi Everyone,   Here is my Design Team make for the month of January .... I have used 4 of the little matchboxes , and 3 of the Iron fences

 To glue the boxes together I used Collalls Tacky Glue

 I used Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint  to paint the Iron Fences
  Here is the Link to my youtube video .

Many thanks for stopping by ..... Please leave a comment letting me know what you think or with any questions you may have

Tina xxx

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hi again ....

Here is the 2nd of the 3D/scene cards that I was asked to make by my cousin Jacquie for her daughter Bobbi.

The majority of this is made from cardboard and paper ....  The wooden chest is just a cheap one from The Range. The spider is one a friend sent me (yuk yuk yuk things ... and yes Deborah Hemsworth i still remember it terrifying me after you just placed it between the stuff you sent me LOL )
The bookcase is also made from cardboard and painted with acrylic paint.. the jars, potion bottles and crystal ball are all beads ... the skull is from a plastic garland of  skeletons from the £ shop which I got just before Halloween.

The brick texture on the walls and chimney have been made using a stencil and some All purpose polyfiller, painted grey and dry brushed with black paint.
The books which are all around the room are made from paper, some card and the metals are from a friend of mine who was selling some of her stash off and they have been rubbed over using Treasure Gold metallic paste.  The cauldron is the cap from a spray can and I glued some string around the top for some detail .... painted black then highlighted with Silver metallic paste ... In the cauldron is some sheer fabric that is blue and green and I wanted it to look like bubbling liquid ... the bones sticking out are the rest of the Skeleton I used.

The broom stick is a clock hand from Fernli Designs   i used quite a few of the different clock hands that Fernli has for sale as i wanted the broom handles to be really fancy and I also used them for the wands and a wall decoration on the fire chimney wall ...  The ink bottle is again some beads and the feather pen is a feather I saved from my bird.  the pen holder is a tiny cotton reel painted silver .  The parchment is some paper I tea and coffee dyed and crumpled up and then inked using Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink. 
The Shelf is again card with a coffee stirrer stick stuck to the front ... The candles are Hot glue sticks cut to size and hot glue dripped down the sides.. I put a small piece of metal wire into the top and dipped it in black paint to give the effect of the wick being burnt .. the circle is from Fernli Designs.  The bottle is one i had got with some seed beads in it and I put in some Fairy Washing Up Liquid and printed out a table saying LIQUID FROG. The books are again made from card and filled with 3D foam for thickness.
The shelf on the chimney wall are from Fernli Designs and are the INCH squares  you can get alter ... The stool is made from a cotton reel and another wood circle from Fernli Designs ... the small table is card and lolly sticks.  

The hat stand is made from wire then covered in paper and painted to look like wood and it is fixed into a larger cotton reel .. the witches hats are made from felt ... I though our witch would have a nice red one with some bling on it for when she goes somewhere special or a party ...

The scissors on the wall are hung on the tip of one of the Clock hands from Fernli Designs, and the black ornament on the wall is also a clock hand,  the scrolls on top of the shelf are just more of the tea and coffee dyed paper I made and tied with a small piece of twine 
the wand box is again made from card and is filled with some scrolls and lots of wood wands ... a few are twigs and the others are parts of the wood clock hands from Fernli designs 

I made the display box from some A3 card I had and gave it Acetate windows so it can be seen from the front, the right side and from above..   I used some Black and Gold Washi tape to decorate it and made the banner using a Stampin' Up punch and spelled out bobbi's name . 

This ha to be my favourite one i have ever made and the Fernli Designs wooden bits are perfect form projects like this ... I was meant to put some of the wooden Halloween embellishments on the front of the box but i completely forgot :(      

Many thanks for stopping by ... I would love to know what you think xxxx

Tina xxx

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone ..... I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year ..... I got to spend it will my family ... sadly not all at the same time but spread out over the 2 weeks so it was a busy time but loads of fun ....

Around November some time i was asked by my cousin to make her one of my 3D cards for her Fiance for Christmas ..... We chatted about the things he likes and it was decided I would make a miniature of his Studio and include some of his favourite things (such as a Gibson SG and a VOX amp.

Here is how it turned out ...

I made everything using 2mm Chipboard, lolly sticks and the tiny toys (which my cousin asked me to scatter around his studio .... they have not long had a baby called Finn who is totally gorgeous ) are small charms I had in my stash ....  I also added a photo of Finn in a frame and put it on the wall but that was after I took all the photos ...

The display box was made from card and acetate windows and I put a banner across the front which can be taken off if they wish .... I also stuck a 'Merry Christmas' plaque onto the lid of the box and the lid can be turned around so it is not seen all the time.    I had loads of fun making it and was VERY happy to hear that Ste was thrilled to bits with it .

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by ... I would love to know what you think 

Tina xxx 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Army Barracks

Fernli Designs DT make 

Hello again everyone,   Today i wanted to show you this make I have made ....  I was asked by my Aunt and Uncle to make a special card for a friend of theirs who was turning 70.  My Uncle was a Staff Sargent  in the '16 Signal Regiment' .... and I have always been so proud of him and my aunt who also served for a while.    Any way having met their friend (who's nick name is REME)  in the Signals they wanted something army themed and suggested a trunk with army type stuff coming out of it ....    I got SO SO excited as we talked and had a million and one things running through my head of what I could do .... and this is what I came up with ...

I bought some Action Man items from ebay  and used these as accents around the room and coming from the trunk ... TOTALLY OUT of scale but hey its not meant to be (that is what I am sticking to !!!) 

Any way the bed is made from round lolly sticks and the flat coffee stirrers ... the mattress for the bed is corrugated cardboard cut to size, stacked and glued together,  I dyed some cotton fabric with my distress inks and made a little pillow and added wadding to it then sewed it up .

 The binoculars are made from rolled paper in different sizes (I used a toothpick to do this then used gems for the glass there are also gems on the other end too but its all stuck down so can't photograph it now ... then finished them off with a small amount of black ribbon for the neck loop.

The floor is a piece of A4 paper in a tan colour and then stamped using 'Baked Brown Sugar' Stampin' up ink and with the Stampin' up Hardwood stamp.  The boot is an Action Man one.  The boot polish is made from punched circles of card all stuck together, inked around the edge and i rolled a piece of grey card around the outside to finish it off .... i took a scrap of cotton fabric and scrunched it up and used a Sharpie Marker pen in Black and dotted it on the bottom to look like a used polish cloth.
The Trunk is the ATC SHRINE and was perfect for what i wanted as it opens .... it is very simple to put together and there is a link on the site showing you how to assemble the hinges ...  I painted it with a coat of Black Gesso then painted it in a gunmetal grey paint .
Inside I put the other boot and a green army bag and the helmet and glued these all into place then arranged the gun how I wanted it then that too was glued into place.  The name plate was made using the old fashioned able makers from the 1960/1970's which was given to me by my in-laws ....  it fits in so well with the whole look.
The walls are just paper in the colours of the regiment  and the CERTA CITO is the Regiments motto which my uncle asked me to include ... the gun on the wall was so huge and even more out of scale than all the other stuff so I decided to have it as a wall ornament.... I had some pale blue paperclips that matched in really well and I bent them twice so I could use them to mount the gun.   The locker was made from 2mm chipboard and I used an off cut of the round lollysticks on the inside as a hanging rail and also added a shelf ... once put together I covered it in Silver gaffer tape to give it a more metal look.  Added another REME sticker to the front, an off cut of the green fabric folded to look like a spare blanket is on the shelf.  
Hung the Action Man uniform onto some coat hanger paper clips I had.  Added a brad to the door for a handle and the job was done .... the door does open and close but I purposely left it open so inside could be seen.
The next thing i did was to find a downloadable image of the Regiments Badge and printed it out 5 times then fussy cut out all the bits i wanted and used Silicon glue to make then all stand out as a 3 D image .

Lastly I made a display box for the whole thing 
I added some Washi tape around the windows and added some metal corners I had to the corners of the windows at the front, side and lid ..
I printed out a tag with the wording of my Aunt and Uncles choice and backed it onto some card which matched the Washi tape. I also added ribbon to the tag and then I found a Dog Tag with the word FRIEND on it so cut a length of ball chain and added it to the tag.   

Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle were thrilled with it which is always a relief .... but I have to say I am really pleased with how it turned out .... I have done a short video which is up on YouTube ....... here is the link ......... IVORY MOON

Many thanks for stopping by 
I would love it if you could leave a comment letting me know what you think ..

HUGS Tina xxx

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hey everyone .... I bought a box frame from a charity shop last year and had planned to use it for a christmas scene but it came in very handy for my Halloween project ..
This is the Box Frame which is from Ikea ...(I got it at a charity shop last year for £1 )

I painted the whole thing black and cut the paper to size ...  

After assembling the Bird house  (£1.49p) I painted it black then used some silver rub and buff on it ... I cut the door and window frame from orange card and purple for the door ... I painted the small wooden bits black, added silver rub and buff to it then added some White Sharpie pen for the little details 

I used 2 of the lamp posts (45p for 2) painted them grey with Chalk Paint and dry brushed with black paint to add a little detail before gluing them together I inked up some Acetate with red ink and cut it to size then glued it between the two lamp posts then glued them together ... 
The Grave stone is actually the centre of the Nouveau-frame-2 (and start from 25p each)

I used the Tree 2  (these come in small, medium and large and start from 30p )
Again just painted black and Silver rub and buff on the top 
The Fence I used 4 of these and the small piece near the house is a piece I cut off from a longer piece .... I used my Tim Holtz scissors to cut and it was really easy ... yet the fences are really sturdy .. ( they are 5 for 35p) 
The lettering  is  40mm high and you get the whole lot for £1 (BARGAIN OR WHAT !!!!) 
I painted the letters with purple chalk paint and again went over it with Silver Rub and Buff I glued the HAPPY to a piece of black card and stuck it to the top of the box and the word HALLOWEEN was just stuck by the tops of each letter to some purple ribbon I had and glued at the sides of the box  

So your grand total to buy your Fernli Designs products to make this would cost you £3.82 ..... I am sure you will agree it looks far more expensive than that ..

Thanks so much for stopping by ... Don't for get to go to the Fernli website and please leave me a comment telling me what you think many thanks 

Tina xxx

There is a video on my youTube channel where you can see this is better detail ... please go have a look and subscribe  HUGS TINA xxxx

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello Everyone ....

Time for another Fernli Designs DT make .....   While I was looking through all the AMAZING embellishments that Fernli have one their website I came across the tree.... Well obviously my first thought was 'Wonderful its October Halloween is not far away so I can make a haunted tree ....

BUT when my DT package came Lou had put some lovely little hearts in there and I thought that they would look lovely with my families names on them and I was thinking about using them as Christmas tree ornaments at first .... which lead me to thinking of my Family Tree so putting the 2 together was just the perfect match ...

I have made this for my gorgeous eldest son Dean and his beautiful partner Julia and my wonderful grandchildren Luca and Ava

Sorry for the reflection but this was the only place I could get any decent light ...

This is a very quick project ... I simply gave everything a coat of white Gesso them used Chalk paint on the tree (warm white) and Cadet Blue and China Pink for the hearts.    The Sentiment was printed out from my computer .

This will be one of their christmas presents ... I really hope they like it 

Thanks as always for taking the time to stop by xxx 

Tina xxx